Our Sponsors
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International Nonprofit

Gold Sponsor

EASE, Encouraging Another Sisters Excellence, is a non-profit which exists to encourage personal, relational, physical and spiritual evolution by uplifting, educating and empowering individuals to overcome and thrive in today’s society.  Their vision is to ensure that each person is capable, equipped, and proud to stand in their unique, unapologetic truth!


To learn more about EASE visit easeinternational.org.  They will be featured in our book, website, and social media. 

Arise For Social Justice
Gold Sponsor


Arise for Social Justice with Executive Director Tanisha Arena, is a member-led community organization dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of poor people. Arise has worked on issues such as housing, homelessness, criminal justice, environmental justice, and public health.


Their mission is to educate, organize, and unite low income people to know what our rights are, to stand up for those rights, to achieve those rights. , and to educate the community in social justice.  To learn more about Arise for Social Justice and support their mission visit www.arisespringfield.org or call (413) 734-4948.

Kimberly Campbell

Gold Sponsor


Kimmy is a fitness and health coach and is dedicated to making sure her clients get fit and healthy! She is a mother of two, a restaurant manager, and a fitness specialist.


If you are looking to get in shape contact  413-335-5652 or Kcampbell63@yahoo.com or view https://kimberlycampbell.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-US.

TLA Consulting

Gold Sponsor


TLA Consulting provides a wide range of services such as credit repair, credit building, and tax services. 


TLA Consulting assist and equips clients with the solutions needed to sustain personal and professional growth.  For more information view their website https://www.consulttla.com/.

Shanndoll's Boutique

Gold Sponsor


Shanndoll's boutique located in Springfield, MA has handmade jewelry, all natural organic sugar scrubs, flower baths, self care kits, lip scrubs, body oils, and body jewelry.  Shipping is available. 


For more information call 203-802-1603 or visit @shanndollsboutique on Instagram and Shanndoll's Boutique on Facebook.

Sonia Quiles

Gold Sponsor


Sonia Quiles a six year real estate agent is committed to helping families find the home of their dreams. She is also a community activist and host of her own show, Educate With Sonia, on the Digital BoomBox Network. The show features guests with information on navigating social systems and provides resources encouraging everyone to become engaged in their communities.  Sonia wears many hats, and she is one of the authors in the Lady Soldiers book.