"Take Your Power Back & Create The Life You Want to Live"

With the slogan "We Are Stronger Together", Lady Soldiers is committed to helping women become free from mental and physical abuse to succeed. 

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The Organization

With self-defense classes, conversations of healing and self-care, and our baby food and baby formula drive, we are committed to helping women succeed despite society's barriers.

The Book

Five authors came together to guide you to take your power back by sharing their experiences of miscarriage, domestic violence, single motherhood, battles with cancer, traumatic childhoods, and other obstacles.  From tragedy to triumph they tell you their stories of how they persevered to inspire you to never give up.


“For every woman who has felt alone, this book is a beautiful reminder that there is a community of women from all walks of life, blossoming and glowing through trials and heartache. The stories flowed beautifully. I laughed, cried, and smiled with a sense of relief at the end of each story. This book is an essential guide to healing and loving yourself. It’s a must-read! Brilliantly and gracefully capturing story after story.”  

- KW, Resilience and Grace